This is Why CrossFit is Awesome

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What’s so important about CrossFit?


  1. CrossFit is defining fitness as the world knows know it.

Until now, no one in the fitness industry has been able to define what fitness really is. But after a few decades, and billions of dollars being spent, Crossfit (a workout system developed in 2000) has found the answer: “an increase in work capacity across broad time and modal domains.” What does this mean? It means that people who are fit should be able to do everything, but now be a master of one specific subject.


  1. CrossFit workouts tend to be competitive events.


Thanks to CrossFit’s dynamic, a person who is working out can have a friendly competition with themselves, or with a friend. The addictive feeling that is provided from reaching a certain goal is amazing, and is a sure fire way to working out more fun.


  1. CrossFit is not just a way to get fit, it is also a community to join.

Joining the CrossFit community may seem intimidating at first, but after joining it is easy to find why people are so passionate about CrossFit. It will be easy to bond with fellow CrossFit gym goers, the online community is welcoming and informative, and the coaches are experts at motivation. The environment that CrossFit provides also makes going to the gym more fun, which will encourage consistency, a hard attribute to find in gym programs.


  1. CrossFit provides results that are measurable.


CrossFit has the ability to provide measurable data so that their participants can see how well they are doing, which is something that other fitness programs do not offer. Workouts can be scored and repeated so that those who are testing themselves can see just how far they have come without needing to look in a mirror.


  1. CrossFit prepares their participants for anything that may happen.

Unlike other gym programs, where a person is trained to become proficient in phosphagen, oxidative, or glycolytic activities, CrossFit trains in all three. This is so the body is at its optimum abilities, which allows a person to be able to choose between a variety of tactics to combat any scenario.


  1. CrossFit believes that intensity creates results.


High intensity exercise allows for greater results. Although everyone has their own intensity level, these boundaries should be pushed, both mentally and physically, so that that the gym goer can get the most out of their workout.